About Us

The ventilation technology developed in Europe now in demand all around the world, because of modern structural building design, our homes and offices where we spend our 90% of time are dust proof, sound proof and air tight , for energy efficiency that required a highly advance and modern ventilation system that helps to keep indoor air fresh ‘n’ oxygen rich without disturbing air conditioning

KUWAAN growing name in ventilation system products is recently introduced with a commitment to get rid off its clients from bad indoor air & give them quality fresh oxygen rich air to keep them healthy & fresh around the clock.

As off life style is changing according to time the demand of ventilation system products increasing in the era. It is a necessity of our air tight buildings to install a good quality ventilation system to keep your indoor air quality healthy and fresh with highly energy efficient solutions.

So to balance stylish living with healthy atmosphere KUWAAN is giving a wide range of products.

Duct fans, Centrifugal fans, Circular Duct fans, Acoustic Box Fans, Ultra Slim Ventilator, Axial Duct fans,Silent Mixed Flow Fans, In Line Mixed Flow ,Ceiling Mounted Fans, ERV, HRV, Air purifier box and Room Air Purifiers etc.

All the products are committed to the exchange of poor air indoor and new fresh air. Our products can be found in all kinds of building which people living. The greatest compliment we receive has been our effort to balance the stylish living and global environment; to improve the collaborative development between enterprise and society.

Demands varies with different customers, we solved the issue with competitive prices, good services and a large product range to independent distributers and users worldwide, covering: Duct Fans, Acoustic Box Fans, Energy Recovery Ventilator and accessories etc.

Quality Assurance

Quality at KUWAAN.com is not just modern plants and equipment. Its an everyday discipline. It’s the attitude that masters the challenge of growth and change. We are striving to delivery best quality product to our customers . As a strategy, KUWAAN has split its quality function into two different operation, i.e. Quality assurance and Quality Control.

Our Mission

To improve quality of life by providing comforts and conveniences at fair prices. From the beginning, KUWAAN.com set for itself the goal of being a technological leader of the industry while at the same time keeping its unique character as a personal, customer-focused and service oriented company. It believes that “A Perfect Product must be backed by Perfect Service”. We focus on the customer’s needs starting from production of the product, through the supply chain and the final installation at the end-user’s site. This will be achieved through on-time zero defect supplies backed by responsive service, empowered employees, vendor partner and satisfied investors.